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Pete Holmes Wife

Veteran comedian and TV host Pete Holmes Wife Valerie Chaney since 2017. Unlike Holmes, Chaney is not a public figure, but she has played a significant role in his life. This is Holmes’ second marriage, as he was previously married to a woman named Becca.

Holmes married Becca at the age of 22, coinciding with the start of his comedy career. However, their marriage lasted only six years due to Becca’s extramarital affair with a man named Rocko, who is now her current husband. The details of Pete and Becca’s marriage and subsequent divorce remain largely private, but it is known that the divorce left Holmes in a traumatic state, significantly affecting his personal and professional life.

Despite this challenging period, Holmes found love again with Valerie Chaney, who has proven to be his perfect match. Holmes often keeps the details of his love life private but occasionally shares glimpses of his happiness with Chaney on social media. He first publicly acknowledged their relationship on Instagram on October 17, 2015, expressing how much she meant to him.

The couple welcomed a daughter in September 2018, marking a new chapter in Holmes’ life. Valerie Chaney’s support and love have played a crucial role in helping Holmes move past his difficult first marriage and build a happy family life.

Who Is Pete Holmes

Pete Holmes has often credited comedy greats such as Jerry Seinfeld, Brian Regan, Conan O’Brien, Sinbad, Chris Farley, Dane Cook, Steve Martin, and Ray Romano for his progress in the world of comedy. Their influence has been instrumental in shaping his career. Today, Holmes has found success across multiple fields as a podcaster, comedian, writer, and producer.

Holmes’ comedic style encompasses a range of genres, including surreal humor, observational comedy, blue comedy, satire, improv comedy, and sketch comedy. Throughout his career, he has been involved in several notable projects. His work with CollegeHumor, his popular podcast “You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes,” “The Pete Holmes Show,” and the semi-autobiographical series “Crashing” are among his most acclaimed contributions to the entertainment industry.

Holmes made his television debut in 2005, appearing as himself in the series “Premium Blend.” Since then, he has appeared in approximately 16 TV series and four movies. His first film role came in 2010 with “I Am Comic,” where he portrayed himself. Over the years, Holmes has continued to build a diverse and successful career in both television and film.

In addition to his on-screen work, Holmes’ influence and presence extend into the realms of writing and producing, showcasing his versatility and commitment to his craft. His journey from aspiring comedian to a well-rounded entertainer is a testament to his talent and dedication.

Pete Holmes Wife Wiki

Full nameValerie Chaney
NicknameValerie Holmes
Date of birthFebruary 28, 1989
Zodiac signPisces
Current residenceLos Angeles, California, United States
MotherBeth Elder Chaney
FatherBill Chaney
SiblingsOne (Derek Chaney)
Relationship statusMarried
PartnerPete Holmes
ChildrenOne (Lila Jane Holmes)
ProfessionAmerican yoga trainer, writer, and podcast co-host
Net worth$0.5 million

Pete Holme’s Wife  Early Life

Valerie Chaney was born in Arcata, California on February 28, 1989. She is the cherished daughter of Bill Chaney and Beth Elder Chaney. Valerie’s strong family values are evident in her close relationship with her grandfather, affectionately known as “Paw-Paw.” She also shares a close bond with her sibling, Derek Chaney. This tight-knit family connection underscores the importance of family in Valerie’s life.


Raised in Arcata, Valerie Chaney began her educational journey at Eureka High School, graduating in 2007. She continued her academic pursuits at Cal Poly Humboldt, earning a Bachelor of Arts in English. Valerie further

Pete Holmes’s Wife’s Physical Appearance

Valerie Chaney stands at an impressive height of 5 feet 8 inches (173 cm). She maintains a weight of 137 pounds (62 kg), with body measurements of 35-26-36 inches (89-66-91 cm). Valerie’s blonde hair and brown eyes complement her appearance, making her a striking presence.

Pete Holme’s  Children

Valerie Chaney, a yoga instructor, is married to Peter Benedict Holmes, widely known by his stage name, Pete Holmes. Pete is a renowned American comedian, writer, actor, producer, and podcast host, born on March 30, 1979, in Boston, Massachusetts. The couple met in 2014 through a mutual friend and immediately hit it off, though they kept their relationship private until 2015.

Their romance took a magical turn in 2016 when Pete proposed to Valerie during a hot-air balloon ride. They exchanged their wedding vows in a private ceremony on October 28, 2017, in California. Their union was blessed with the birth of their daughter, Lila Jane Holmes, in September 2018, less than a year after their wedding.

While this was Valerie’s first marriage, Pete had been married before. Despite his past, the couple has built a strong and loving relationship, continuing to thrive both personally and professionally.

Pete Holmes’s Wife’s  Career

Valerie Chaney is an American yoga trainer, writer, podcast co-host, and celebrity wife. She previously worked as a teacher at Zane Middle School. Valerie is married to Pete Holmes, an acclaimed American comedian, actor, writer, producer, and podcast host. Together, they balance their professional careers and personal lives, showcasing a dynamic partnership in both the entertainment and wellness industries.

Pete Holmes’s Wife’s Net Worth 

Valerie Chaney has not disclosed the earnings from her meditation and mindfulness instructor career. However, her net worth is estimated at $0.5 million as of 2023. Valerie enjoys a comfortable lifestyle, living in a luxurious home in Los Angeles and owning a Mercedes-Benz. Her success reflects her dedication to her craft and her ability to carve out a niche in the wellness industry.

FAQS About Pete Holmes Wife

Q1. Who is Valerie Chaney? 

A1. Valerie Chaney is an American yoga trainer, writer, podcast co-host, and the wife of comedian Pete Holmes. She is known for her mindfulness, meditation teachings, and supportive role in Holmes’ life.

Q2. What is Valerie Chaney’s net worth? 

A2. As of 2023, Valerie Chaney’s net worth is estimated to be $0.5 million.

Q3. When did Valerie Chaney and Pete Holmes get married? 

A3. Valerie Chaney and Pete Holmes got married on October 28, 2017, in a private ceremony in California.

Q4. Do Valerie Chaney and Pete Holmes have children? 

A4. Yes, they have one daughter, Lila Jane Holmes, who was born in September 2018.

Q5. What is Valerie Chaney’s educational background? 

A5. Valerie Chaney graduated from Eureka High School in 2007. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in English from Cal Poly Humboldt and a Master’s Degree in Arts from the University of California, Davis.

Q6. What is Valerie Chaney’s profession? 

A6. Valerie Chaney is a yoga trainer, writer, and podcast co-host. She has also previously worked as a teacher at Zane Middle School.

Q7. What are Valerie Chaney’s body measurements? 

A7. Valerie Chaney’s body measurements are 35-26-36 inches (89-66-91 cm). She stands at 5 feet 8 inches (173 cm) tall and weighs 137 pounds (62 kg).

Q8. Where do Valerie Chaney and Pete Holmes live? 

A8. Valerie Chaney and Pete Holmes reside in Los Angeles, California.


Valerie Chaney is a versatile and accomplished individual, whose roles as a yoga trainer, writer, and podcast co-host beautifully complement her position as the wife of renowned comedian Pete Holmes. Born and raised in Arcata, California, Valerie’s upbringing instilled in her strong family values and a robust educational foundation. These elements have contributed to her development as a dedicated professional and a loving, supportive partner.

Despite leading a life mostly away from the public eye, Valerie’s relationship with Pete Holmes has been a beacon of mutual support and growth, especially after the challenges Pete faced in his first marriage. Their journey together, from their discreet beginnings to their shared life in the spotlight, tells a compelling story of resilience, love, and happiness.

Living a comfortable life in Los Angeles, Valerie and Pete have built a nurturing environment for their family. Valerie’s impact is evident both in her personal life and professional endeavors. Her estimated net worth of $0.5 million as of 2023 is a testament to her success and unwavering dedication to her career. This financial stability highlights her significance in the wellness industry, where she continues to inspire and lead by example.

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