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Gloria Darlene Fox, warmly known as Darlene, holds a critical spot in the biography of entertainer Megan Fox. Conceived Gloria Darlene Cisson on July 14, 1952, she explored life’s ups and downs, making a permanent imprint on her loved ones. Darlene’s process incorporates two relationships, the first to Franklin Thomas Fox, which delivered two little girls, Megan and Kristi Branim Fox. Despite separating from Franklin when Megan was young, Darlene found love again with Tony Tonachio.

As the mother of a Hollywood star, Darlene’s life has been interlaced with Megan’s prosperity, yet she remains enduringly private, deciding to avoid the spotlight. The greater part of why are her gets through Megan’s periodic notices in interviews, offering looks into their familial bond. Darlene’s strong presence has without a doubt formed Megan’s childhood and vocation, highlighting the significant impact a mother can have on her kid’s process to fame.

Who is Gloria Darlene Fox?

Gloria Darlene Fox, frequently just alluded to as Darlene, is the mother of entertainer Megan Fox. She was conceived by Gloria Darlene Cisson on July 14, 1952. Darlene was recently hitched to Franklin Thomas Fox, with whom she has two girls, Megan Fox and Kristi Branim Fox. Darlene and Franklin separated when Megan was young, and she later remarried Tony Tonachio.

Gloria Darlene Fox has filled in as a land director. Notwithstanding her girl’s distinction, she keeps a moderately confidential life, staying away from the spotlight. Most open data about her comes through her association with Megan Fox, who has at times referenced her family foundation in interviews.

Gloria Darlene Fox Wiki

Full NameGloria Darlene Fox (formerly Gloria Darlene Cisson)
Date of BirthJuly 14, 1952
Marital StatusCurrently single
Previous Marriages1. Franklin Thomas Fox (divorced) 2. Tony Tonachio (deceased)
ChildrenMegan Fox, Kristi Branim Fox (with Franklin Thomas Fox)
OccupationFormer real estate manager
Current StatusRetired, full-time homemaker
Height5 feet 4 inches (1.63 meters)
WeightApproximately 65 kilograms
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBrown
Net WorthEstimated around $100,000
RelationshipsHad a tumultuous relationship with her former stepfather
Notable EventsRemarried after divorcing Franklin Thomas Fox. Experienced strained relationship with stepfather.

Gloria Darlene Fox’s Early Life

She wedded Franklin Thomas Fox, and together they had two little girls, Megan and Kristi Branim Fox. The couple later separated when Megan was three years of age. Following her separation, Darlene remarried Tony Tonachio.

She has functioned as a land chief, and notwithstanding her little girl’s high-profile profession in Hollywood, she has kept a generally confidential life, avoiding the public eye. Most data about her comes from Megan Fox, who sometimes shares bits of knowledge about her family in interviews. Darlene has been a strong figure in Megan’s life and vocation, adding to the foundation that molded the entertainer’s childhood.

Gloria Darlene Fox Education

Data about Gloria Darlene Fox’s schooling isn’t broadly accessible in the public area. Not at all like her girl, Megan Fox, whose vocation and individual life have been broadly covered by the media, insights regarding Gloria Darlene Fox’s instructive foundation have not been unmistakably highlighted. 

Thus, there is no particular data to the schools she joined or any degrees she might have procured. Her expert life, fundamentally noted as a land supervisor, recommends she might have had some schooling or preparation pertinent to that field, however, exact subtleties stay private and undocumented in freely available reports.

Age & Height

Gloria Darlene Fox was born on July 14, 1952, making her 71 years old as of 2024. Despite being the mother of the renowned actress Megan Fox, Gloria has largely maintained a life away from the public eye. Her age places her in a generation that witnessed significant social and cultural changes, which likely influenced her upbringing and parenting style.

While her daughter enjoys a high-profile career in Hollywood, Gloria Darlene Fox remains a more private figure, providing a stable and enduring presence in Megan’s life over the decades. Standing at 5 feet 4 inches (1.63 meters) and weighing approximately 65 kilograms, Gloria has a typical body type, though specific measurements such as her chest or waist size are not publicly known. She has brown eyes and matching brown hair, contributing to her distinctive and attractive appearance. Despite her preference for a private lifestyle, these details offer a glimpse into her physical characteristics, underscoring her quiet yet impactful role in her daughter’s life.

Gloria Darlene Fox Parents

Megan Fox’s mother, Gloria Darlene Cisson, was born on July 14, 1952, in the United States. Much of her early life remains private, as she has not disclosed details about her parents or siblings to the media. Information about her educational background or formative years is also not publicly available.

Gloria built a successful career in real estate, working as a manager for several years. Now retired, she enjoys her time as a full-time homemaker, dedicating herself to her family and personal life. Despite her daughter’s fame, Gloria has chosen to keep a low profile, focusing on her role as a supportive mother and grandmother. Her dedication to her family and her professional achievements underscore her as a strong and influential presence in Megan Fox’s life.

Gloria Darlene Fox Personal life

Gloria Darlene Fox is currently single, having experienced two marriages in the past. Her first marriage was to Franklin Thomas Fox, a parole officer. Together, they had two daughters, including actress Megan Fox. The marriage ended in divorce in 1989, when Megan was just three years old, and Gloria was granted custody of her daughters.

Later, Gloria remarried Tony Tonachio, who became Megan’s stepfather. Gloria and Tony remained together until his passing. Despite these significant personal changes, Gloria has consistently focused on providing a stable and nurturing environment for her family. Her dedication and resilience have played a crucial role in supporting her daughters, particularly as they navigated the challenges of growing up and, in Megan’s case, entering the entertainment industry.

Gloria Darlene Fox Career

Gloria Darlene Fox built a successful career in the real estate industry, working as a manager for many years. Her professional life involved overseeing property transactions and managing various aspects of the business, which required a diverse skill set and a deep understanding of the market. Despite her daughter’s fame, Gloria maintained a relatively low profile, dedicating herself to her career while providing a stable environment for her family. Now retired, she has stepped away from her professional responsibilities and enjoys a quieter life as a full-time homemaker, focusing on her family and personal interests away from the public eye.

Gloria Darlene Fox Net Worth

Gloria Darlene Fox, having worked in the land the executives before, logically gathered an extensive sum from her vocational tries. Be that as it may, since resigning and changing into a full-time housewife, her assessed total assets is around $100,000. 

Despite her little girl Megan Fox’s colossal progress in Hollywood, with an expected total assets of more than $8 million, Gloria has kept a more humble monetary profile, zeroing in on her everyday life and individual interests.

FAQs about Gloria Darlene Fox

Q1. Who is Gloria Darlene Fox?

A1. Gloria Darlene Fox, formerly known as Gloria Darlene Cisson, is best known as the mother of actress Megan Fox. Born on July 14, 1952, she has maintained a private life away from the public eye, despite her daughter’s fame.

Q2. How many times has Gloria Darlene Fox been married? 

A2. Gloria has been married twice. Her first marriage was to Franklin Thomas Fox, with whom she had two daughters, Megan and Kristi Branim Fox. After their divorce, she remarried Tony Tonachio, who later passed away.

Q3. What is Gloria Darlene Fox’s profession? 

A3. Gloria had a successful career as a real estate manager. She is now retired and dedicates her time to being a full-time homemaker.

Q4. What is Gloria Darlene Fox’s net worth? 

A4. As of the latest estimates, Gloria Darlene Fox’s net worth is around $100,000. This figure is based on her career in real estate and her current status as a retired homemaker.

Q5. Does Gloria Darlene Fox have any other children besides Megan Fox? 

A5. Yes, Gloria has another daughter named Kristi Branim Fox, in addition to Megan Fox.

Q6. How tall is Gloria Darlene Fox? 

A6. Gloria stands at a height of 5 feet 4 inches (1.63 meters).

Q7. Where does Gloria Darlene Fox currently reside? 

A7. Details about her current residence are kept private, but it is known that she enjoys a quieter life away from the public eye.

Q8. What impact has Gloria Darlene Fox had on Megan Fox’s career? 

A8. Gloria has been a supportive and stabilizing presence in Megan Fox’s life, contributing significantly to her upbringing and career development, despite choosing to stay out of the public eye herself.


Gloria Darlene Fox, a resilient and influential figure in Megan Fox’s life, has navigated her journey with grace and privacy. Born on July 14, 1952, she built a successful career in real estate while raising her two daughters, Megan and Kristi, in a stable and nurturing environment. Despite her daughter Megan’s rise to Hollywood fame, Gloria has maintained a low profile, focusing on her professional responsibilities and later enjoying her retirement as a full-time homemaker.

Her personal life, marked by two marriages and the subsequent passing of her second husband, Tony Tonachio, showcases her resilience and dedication to her family. Gloria’s contributions to her daughter’s success are evident through Megan’s occasional mentions in interviews, highlighting the strong familial bond they share.

With an estimated net worth of $100,000, Gloria’s story is one of quiet strength and unwavering support, underscoring the profound impact a dedicated mother can have on her child’s journey to stardom. Her life exemplifies the balance between maintaining personal privacy and supporting a family member’s public career, making her a significant, albeit private, figure in Megan Fox’s life narrative.

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