The price of the Manaslu Circuit Trek varies depending on the trip provider. Furthermore, the amount you choose to spend is entirely up to you and is dependent on the services offered throughout the hike. Trekking days may have an impact on the cost estimate. 

The cost of the Manaslu Circuit Trek is contingent upon the cost of the guide, porter, meals, lodging, and transportation, among other goods. 

Here is a brief breakdown of the prices for various items needed for this hike:

Cost to hire Guide and Porter

Because the Manaslu hike is a restricted area, a single licensed guide is required. However, you can employ a guide/porter who must possess a guide license issued by the Nepali government. While it is true that different guides charge different amounts, a tour typically charges between $30 and $40 USD per day on average. A porter, on the other hand, gets between $20 and $30 USD per day. And these sums are more than enough to pay all lodging, meals, and insurance on this trek in addition to hiring a guide and porter.

By the way, since the Manaslu trip is a delicate and tender walk, we strongly advise employing a certified and experienced guide instead of a guide/porter. A certified and experienced guide will be well-versed in safety, which will contribute to a happy and successful journey.

Cost of Meals and Accommodation

Manaslu is a secluded area that is still far from utilities and other necessary infrastructure. Thus, the price of food is a little bit more here. The cost of food increases and the selection of meals decreases as you go closer to higher elevations. 

Generally speaking, the cost of a dinner ranges from $8 to $15 USD, depending on the foods and quantities. For a day, forty to fifty dollars USD should be plenty. 

To find out what to eat on the Manaslu Trek, see this link.

Click the Manaslu Circuit Trek meal article to obtain comprehensive information on the meal options. 

Since there are less people trekking in Manaslu, lodging is not a major concern. You cannot, however, anticipate opulent lodges and motels. You can stay at basic lodges or tea houses, but other than in Dharmsala, you are not need to camp overnight.

A terrible earthquake in 2015 destroyed many tea houses, but the majority have already been restored and made safe to stay in. The majority of the rooms cost between $6 and $8 USD a night when shared by two people. If you wish to rent a single room, you should pay the entire amount.

Cost of Transportation

Due to its isolation and distant location, there are currently no highways connecting it to the modern world. Thus, premium tourist busses such as the Kathmandu to Pokhara Tourist Bus Service are not available. To get to Aarughat and Sotikhola, you have to use a private jeep or a local bus. A jeep would cost between $200 and $220 each way, whereas a local bus would cost about $10 USD per person. But the convenience of the crowded local bus is worth it for a Jeep. Each person in a party traveling together will split the cost of the jeep.

Cost of beverages

Manaslu offers comparatively less expensive drinks and refreshments than the Everest region. A cup of tea at a tea house would run you between $2 and $4. Water bottles containing soda range in price from $1.5 to $4.

Trekking Permits cost

To hike to Manaslu, hikers must have three hiking permits. Since it is a limited region, MCAP and ACAP must be obtained in addition to specific restricted licenses. Click here for further information about the Manaslu trekking permit.

Optional cost

Other optional costs would be a few bucks for things like bathing and laptop and mobile electric charging. Donations and tips are not required; they are voluntary. You are welcome to leave a tip for someone or anywhere you are satisfied with their services. It resembles a culture that uplifts both those who provide services and those who receive them. 

If the article above doesn’t address your question, kindly leave a comment below. Alternatively, you may talk about your trekking experience.

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