Korina Harrison
Korina Harrison

Korina Harrison Introduction

A well-known couple in American popular culture was Korina Harrison and Corey Harrison, who can be recognized from the popular television show Pawn Stars.Their marriage was fortunate and a new chapter in their lives began when they became parents.But they had a rocky start to their marriage, and their honeymoon was short-lived; they divorced after a year. 

Because of her connection to Corey, Korina—also known as Kiki—continues to pique the interest of the general public despite the brief duration of their union. We will examine Corey Harrison’s private life in the following discussion, shedding light on lesser-known aspects of his life outside of his television persona.

Who is Korina Harrison?

With her Caucasian heritage, Korina, who hails from the sunny city of San Diego, California, embodies the American spirit. Her name, Korina, which means “Lady” in Greek, lends a touch of class to her persona. She spent the majority of her childhood, affectionately referred to as Kiki, exploring the lively San Diego streets and taking in the warmth and energy of her surroundings.

Korina Harrison Biography

The reason Korina Harrison, often known as Kiki, became well-known was because of her marriage to Corey Harrison, a popular character from the TV show “Pawn Stars.” Although Korina was raised in San Diego, California, where she accepted her Caucasian-American identity, she was born in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Her name, Korina, holds Greek beginnings, connoting “Woman,” adding a hint of effortlessness to her persona. Korina’s early life and education remain a mystery, despite the spotlight that her relationship with Corey has brought to the public’s attention. Corey and Korina’s lives became intertwined as they became parents after their marriage.But their beautiful marriage was short-lived—they split after just a year. 

Since then, Korina has sought a secluded life and avoided the spotlight. Corey has moved on from his marriages to Korina and Charlene Harrison, and his current relationship with Tara Pasley is an indication of a new chapter in his life. While nothing is known about Korina’s personal life, many are aware of Corey’s professional achievements. 

His involvement in “Pawn Stars” and the renowned World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop have made him a renowned and prosperous businessman.It is evident that Korina had a good life with Corey, even though the details of her career and financial status remain undisclosed.More mysterious is Korina Harrison’s demeanor


Full NameKorina Harrison
Place of BirthLas Vegas, Nevada, USA
Height (in inches)5’6″
Height (in centimeters)168
Weight (in pounds)132
Weight (in kilograms)60
Body Measurements (in inches)35-28-34
Body Measurements (in centimeters)89-71-86
Hair ColourDark brown
Eye ColourBrown
Relationship StatusDivorced
Ex-PartnerCorey Harrison

Korina Harrison Education

Many people are interested in Korina Harrison’s educational background despite the mystery surrounding her personal life.She was born in Las Vegas, Nevada, but raised much of her youth in San Diego, California. While we don’t have exact details on her schooling, we can assume that it was a regular standard education for people in her community. 

The lack of information suggests that Korina might have valued her academic privacy. However, everyone’s interest in her life, including her education, has undoubtedly been sparked by her connection to Corey Harrison, a well-known figure.

Korina Harrison Age

Due to the lack of public information regarding Korina Harrison’s birth, her age remains unknown. However, Corey Harrison, her former husband, is forty years old. Corey was born in Las Vegas, Nevada, on April 27, 1983.Because of this information, some people think that Korina and Corey are about the same age.

Korina Harrison Height

Kiki Harrison is underweight for a person of her height at 55 kg, standing 5 feet 3 inches tall. Furthermore, according to a few accounts, she may have had plastic surgery, particularly breast augmentation.  After her Instagram posts in the middle of 2017 showed what appeared to be larger breasts, this rumor emerged. But it’s important to remember that these changes could also be caused by other things, which could lead to different theories about how she looks.

Korina Harrison Personal life

The public has always been quite interested in learning about Korina Harrison’s personal life because of her relationship with TV star Corey Harrison.Although Korina was born in Las Vegas, Nevada, she was raised primarily in San Diego, California. 

As a result, she has not revealed much about herself. Korina decided to stay out of the public eye and keep a low profile following her year-and-a-half-long marriage to Corey. Since then, little is known about her current relationships or activities. Corey, on the other hand, has left the situation and is now dating Tara Pasley. Korina’s connection to Corey and her brief time in the spotlight continue to pique the interest of fans and viewers, solidifying her status as a mysterious figure in American pop culture despite her a

Korina Harrison Family

The family history of Korina Harrison has largely been kept a secret, and little is known about her upbringing or relatives. However, she became well-known due to her marriage to Corey Harrison, a prominent American television personality. Through their relationship, Corey, who is well-known for his work on the hit TV show “Pawn Stars” and for his business ventures, introduced Korina to a wider audience. 

It is difficult to find information about Korina’s family or any significant family influences in her life, despite the attention their marriage received. Korina has chosen to keep a low profile following her divorce from Corey, preferring to keep her private life private. Details about Korina’s family dynamics and relationships are still a mystery, despite the fact that her ex-husband has moved on and found a new partner in Tara Pasley. Fans and viewers have been intrigued by Korina Harrison’s enigmatic persona since she decided to hide from the public eye. Her family’s history has added to the mystery surrounding her.

Korina Harrison Career

 The spouse of Corey Harrison, a well-known American entrepreneur, attracted attention due to their close relationship. A major contributor to his success has been Corey’s significant influence at the world-famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop. In addition to his business endeavors, Corey is a well-known character on the History Channel series Pawn Stars. However, it is difficult to find information about the life of Corey Harrison’s wife prior to her relationship with him. 

Examining her professional history in greater depth may reveal additional details about her individual journey. Despite her connection to Corey’s flourishing career, little is known about any awards or honors she may have received. Corey Harrison’s spouse and her own story could be better understood by shedding light on these aspects of her life.

Korina Harrison Net Worth 

Despite living a comfortable life during her marriage to her ex-husband, Korina Harrison’s professional path and financial situation remain a mystery. Corey Harrison, on the other hand, her ex-husband, has a $4 million net worth, demonstrating his success through investments like the $385,000 property he bought in 2011. In addition to real estate, Corey’s passion for collecting high-end automobiles reveals his diverse interests and affluent lifestyle.

Korina Harrison Relationship

Due to the fact that Korina Harrison is well-known for her preference for privacy, it is challenging to obtain information regarding her private life. She appears to have decided to withdraw from the public eye since their split. Corey, on the other hand, has moved on and is currently dating Tara Pasley. They have been in a relationship for some time now. Corey had been married before getting married to Korina Harrison. Charlene Harrison was his ex-wife, and their marriage ended in 2015.


Marriage to Corey Harrison: Korina Harrison gained attention for her marriage to Corey Harrison, a prominent figure from the TV show “Pawn Stars.”

Short-lived Marriage: Their union was brief, and they divorced after just a year.

Nickname: Korina is affectionately known as “Kiki” among her close circles.

Background: Born in Las Vegas, Nevada, Korina spent much of her youth in San Diego, California.

Education: Details about her educational background remain undisclosed, but it’s assumed she received a standard education.

Family: Little is known about Korina’s family, as she chose to keep her personal life private.

Children: Korina and Corey share a child together.


Korina Harrison, also known as Kiki, rose to public attention due to her marriage to Corey Harrison, a prominent personality from “Pawn Stars.” Despite being raised primarily in San Diego, California, her birthplace was Las Vegas, Nevada. Korina’s personal life, including her education and family background, remains largely unknown as she has opted to maintain a low profile following her divorce from Corey. Despite the end of their marriage, she shares a child with Corey. While her ex-husband Corey has moved on and is currently in a relationship with Tara Pasley, Korina prefers to stay out of the public eye.


What is Korina Harrison’s full name?

Korina Harrison

Where was Korina Harrison born?

Korina Harrison was born in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

What is Korina Harrison’s height and weight?

Korina Harrison stands at 5 feet 6 inches (168 cm) tall and weighs approximately 132 pounds (60 kg).

What are Korina Harrison’s body measurements?

Her body measurements are approximately 35-28-34 inches (89-71-86 cm).

What is Korina Harrison’s relationship status?

Korina Harrison is divorced from Corey Harrison, her former husband.

Does Korina Harrison have any children?

Yes, Korina Harrison has one child with Corey Harrison.

What is known about Korina Harrison’s career?

Not much is known about Korina Harrison’s career. She gained attention primarily through her marriage to Corey Harrison.

What is Korina Harrison’s net worth?

Korina Harrison’s net worth is undisclosed, unlike her ex-husband Corey Harrison, who has a net worth of $4 million.

Is Korina Harrison currently in a relationship?

Korina Harrison’s current relationship status is not publicly known, as she prefers to keep her personal life private.

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